About Us

It was the winter of 2016 when Kristen and Jeff first met. After talking for awhile they discovered they had a lot in common musically. They had even recorded some past projects at the same recording studio, Luna Recording. After realizing how much they had in common, and how much fun they were having just hanging out, they decided to write some new songs together. 

The first song they decided to write was a ballad titled father; a dedication to Kristen’s father Dallas who had lost his life in Vietnam four days prior to her birth. As they continued writing, it became very apparent that their music was full of meaning, very energetic, packed with emotion, up lifting,  and just fun  to play. The songs discussed topics of love, relationships, hope, addictions, and encouragement. Basically all the trials and tribulations that we all go through daily, and the importance to bring all things, good and bad to God. For He is our strength and our song.

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